Trademark Policy for Tap and Rate

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1. Introduction

Welcome to Tap and Rate! This Trademark Policy delineates the proper usage of Tap and Rate's trademarks, service marks, logos, and any other intellectual property (collectively referred to as "Marks"). Your use of the website and associated services implies your commitment to adhere to this Trademark Policy.

2. Ownership of Marks

Tap and Rate is the exclusive owner of its Marks, which are safeguarded under applicable intellectual property laws. These Marks encompass, but are not limited to, the Tap and Rate name, logo, and any other identifiers associated with Tap and Rate.

3. Proper Use of Marks

a. Permissible Use:

You are permitted to use Tap and Rate's Marks for reference purposes, such as in reviews, articles, or discussions about Tap and Rate.

Properly acknowledge Tap and Rate's ownership of the Marks in a manner that does not imply endorsement or affiliation.

Use the Marks in a manner consistent with this Trademark Policy and relevant laws.

b. Prohibited Use:

Avoid using Tap and Rate's Marks in a manner that may cause confusion or mislead the public about the origin of goods or services.

Do not use the Marks in a way that suggests sponsorship or endorsement by Tap and Rate without obtaining prior written consent.

Refrain from altering, modifying, or combining Tap and Rate's Marks with other logos, trademarks, or content in a way that could create confusion.

4. Request for Permission

For any use of Tap and Rate's Marks beyond the scope outlined in this Trademark Policy, you must obtain written permission from Tap and Rate. Please contact us at for inquiries concerning the usage of our Marks.

5. Reporting Unauthorised Use

If you become aware of any unauthorised use of Tap and Rate's Marks, please report it promptly to Your assistance in safeguarding our intellectual property is highly appreciated.

6. Enforcement

Tap and Rate reserves the right to take legal action to enforce its intellectual property rights in response to any unauthorised use of its Marks.

7. Updates to this Policy

Tap and Rate may update this Trademark Policy periodically. Any changes will be effective upon posting on the website Please review this policy regularly to stay informed.